An active learning experience

A joyful and engaged inquiry classroom.

Teachers engaged in inquiry

Young scientist at work…

Observations from urban nature

Where do the magic droplets come from..

Discovering earth’s rotation, revolution and tilt leading to different seasons using simple experimental setup

Experimental curd-making samples in the tiffin boxes!

"Life is like a rainbow” Observing acid-base nature of different materials using a natural indicator (red cabbage)

Students hypothesizing different ways to connect a circuit for glowing a bulb with the given raw materials

The joy of lighting a bulb with minimum components given and later figuring out the connections at home (series or parallel)

Using a string to compare the distance travelled by the different moving objects

Observing the magnetic effect of electric current with a help of magnetic needle

Students observing the image of classroom tubelight on a piece of paper. They later also figured out the distance and properties of image formed by varying the distance of object

Observing electrolysis of common salt with the help of turmeric as an indicator