Every seed has a potential tree inside it. A little nurture of the sapling makes a sturdy tree. We believe this to be true of education as well. Education is enabling each individual to fulfil their potential: to be, to grow, to become.

We are contributing towards kids learning during these challenging times, through PM-eVidya and Diksha initiatives.

Ongoing Events

Ganitha Mela

To celebrate National Mathematics Day, VVP, tAcT, S2S and KSCST are organising a week-long Mathematics Fair
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Dialogue on Learning: Math

A workshop, for math teachers, that focuses on constructivist approach to inculcate mathematical thinking and other skills along with the spirit of discovery.
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“With skills at its roots, knowledge blooms in the shoots”

About Us

We at Seed2Sapling (S2S) are inspired by the innate potential of every seed to mature into a tree given the proper environment. We envision to create an enriched, joyful and experiential learning environment where a student becomes knowledge (re)creator instead of knowledge consumer. Every child has the ability to observe, experience and experiment with the world around itself.Our inquiry-based learning methods tap into the natural curiosity of a student by asking the right questions.

Our Solutions


Online sessions on Science and Maths using common material around you. An online active learning experience to Observe, Explore, Wonder, Discover, Engage and most importantly Enjoy

Learn2Learn Classroom Program

Creating an enriched, joyful and experiential learning environment where a student becomes knowledge generator instead of knowledge consumer.

Dialogue On Learning

A long-term engagement with teachers to present a teaching methodology (constructivist approach aided by inquiry) whose main focus is on the process of scientific and mathematical thinking and discovery, and the skills associated with it.

School Consultancy

One way to develop the attitude of exploration is by creating an environment that encourages it and also nurture the innate potential of a child

H-Cube Learning Center

Hearts-on, Heads-on and Hands-on learning through advanced projects in STEM.

Research Projects

Mentoring students to develop their ideas into independent research projects

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