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Pankaj Jain

PhD, Molecular Biophysics (MBU), IISc

Pankaj worked on directed evolution for his PhD and postdoctoral research on Neuroscience behind stress at InStem, Bangalore. Along with his research, he has been actively involved in the field of school education for 7 years and has driven several social and environmental projects in the past. He is a ‘Mentor for Change’ for Atal Tinkering Labs and also coordinated the mentoring programme for PRODIGY, gifted education programme. A life-long learner and explorer, he aims to achieve an enriched and stress-alleviating environment in the schools

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Tarun Choubisa

PhD, Electrical Communication Engineering (ECE), IISc

During his PhD, Tarun developed an algorithm to classify humans and big-cats using machine learning. He is the recipient of Mission10X Dale Carnegie certification for High Impact Teaching Skills and a 'Mentor for Change' for Atal Tinkering Labs. He was an instructor for the Dream India camp which follows Summerhill philosophy. He has coordinated the mentoring program for Gifted Education Project by NIAS and also mentoring a mentee. He has organized along with others a couple of "Startup Weekend events (54 hour entrepreneurship weekend event)." He is a fellow of “Crayons of hope”. He is very passionate about improving the life-quality of people by education, awareness and networking.

Our Core Team

Shiv Kumar

PhD, Electrical Communication Engineering (ECE), IISc

Shiv obtained his PhD from Electronics and Communications Engineering Department in IISc. He has a keen interest in math teaching and wants to ensure that every student of mathematics realises its beauty; the beauty which has been attracting some of the best minds of humanity.

Mrinal Shah

PhD, Microbiology, National University of Singapore

Mrinal did her PhD in microbiology from Mechanobiology Institute at the National University of Singapore. During and since her PhD she has worked with several science education and communication platforms. She has received training in curriculum design and pedagogies. She has interviewed many Indian women scientists and written articles about them which have been published on thelifeofscience.com and magazines like The Wire. She has jointly authored a book chapter exploring the gender gap in Indian science for Brookings India, a policy think tank. She dreams to make science education relevant and engaging for school students.

Ashwin Guha

PhD, Computer Science and Automation (CSA), IISc

Ashwin has completed his PhD at the Department of Computer Science and Automation, IISc on spectral theory for hypergraphs. He completed his Masters at IISc and his B.Tech at NIT-Trichy. He is an ardent student of mathematics and has handled classes for a diverse group, from middle school students to masters students. He was the Subject Topper for Secondary School Maths at Teaching Professionals Olympiad 2018, organized by CENTA.

Shravan S K

MS, Computational and Data Sciences (CDS), IISc

Shravan completed his B.E. from BMS College of Engineering in Bangalore and has worked on VM Placement in Data Centres for his Masters in IISc. He has been volunteering in government schools since 3 years. He left his job in Nvidia to pursue his interest in education with S2S

Ravi Jambhekar

PhD, Centre for Ecological Sciences(CES), IISc

He did his Ph.D in Ecology from Indian Institute of Science. Since the time of his Ph.D, he has been actively engaging with students and general public to generate interest in nature and biodiversity. He has been using art, popular science writing and his natural history observations to create long lasting engagement in students and general public. As an educator, given his interests and skills in biodiversity and wildlife, he wishes to work towards creating materials and designing workshops for learners to make learning in this field more interesting.