Learn2Learn In-school Program

Grade 5 - Grade 9
Subjects: Science and Mathematics

An enriched, joyful and experiential learning environment is provided and facilitation is carried out in H-cube philosophy so that students become knowledge generators instead of knowledge consumers. In the process, students would also learn different skills like observation, questioning, problem-solving, etc. which are helpful in day to day life too.

Major features of the Learn2Learn In-school programme
  • Responsive imageCurriculum Aligned:The activity modules are aligned to the curriculum followed by school.
  • Responsive imageTeachers' orientation: Get the teachers oriented to execute these modules in the classes.
  • Responsive imageRaw-material supply: Raw-materials corresponding to activities would be supplied.
  • Responsive imageEarly facilitation: S2S facilitators will facilitate initial sessions with teachers as co-facilitators.
  • Responsive imageIn-class and back-end support: Provide regular support to teachers during execution.
  • Responsive imageR&D project mentors: S2S mentors facilitate students' projects for various national/international events

H-cube Learning Centers

Grade 5 - Grade 8
Learning Areas: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Locations: Can be in-school or out of school center

  • Responsive image  Advanced learning:Advanced concepts & projects are facilitated by S2S facilitators in H-cube philosophy.

  • Responsive image  Raw-material supply: Basic raw-material would be provided to work on the concept.

  • Responsive image   Focus on Skills: The focus here is to develop various skills like observation, communication, analytical thinking, creative thinking, hypothesizing,                     collaboration, experimental design, data analysis, critical evaluation, problem identification, etc.

  • Responsive image  Mentoring students ideas:As a child progresses in these skills, learning center provides an opportunity for the child to work on his/her own ideas.

  • Responsive image  One-to-one facilitation: One-to-one facilitation is provided to students during this learning process.

  • Responsive image  Participation Facilitation:Also, participation in several national science and mathematics competitions will be encouraged.

Learning Models

Innovative models as aid in learning process.
  • Responsive image  Coverage of Science:Learning models cover a wide range of topics in science.

  • Responsive image  Curriculum Mapped:The learning models are mapped to the curriculum followed by school.

  • Responsive image  Grades Aligned:The learning models are aligned to the specific grades.

  • Responsive image  Teachers' helping hand:Learning models can be used for demonstrating the concepts.

  • Responsive image  Orientation on using the models: Orientation session with teachers on how to use the learning models.

  • Responsive image  Inspired by original discoveries: Some of the learning models were used in original discoveries.