Our vision is to create a framework that shall provide an ecosystem for children to explore their natural potential and nurture it for a meaningful life.


Our mission is to create an enriched, joyful and experiential learning environment where a child enjoys and actively participates to become knowledge generator and not merely being knowledge consumer. The focus is not only about intellectual development, but also on emotional stability and strong moral foundation.


A child starts with an observation of the surrounding that they go through in their daily life, enticing themselves to think about it.


The open-ended activity allows the child foster creativity and wonder about the science behind it.


While working in a team or individually, the child is encouraged to tinker up on various possibilities of solution for a given problem or the problem they have identified.


Eventually, the child, instead of just being a knowledge consumer, will (re)discover the fundamental scientific principles on their own.

H-Cube Learning
The learning process involves 3H - Hands ON, Heads ON and Hearts ON

Students get hooked in the learning process with examples and challenges connected to their daily life observations or real world problems.


Students think about open ended questions and activities and try to come up with the concept by themselves or with minimum facilitation.


Students participate in exploratory hands-on activities in a group or individually, leading to solution for a given problem.

"The aim is to achieve the higher levels
of Bloom's taxonomy such that lower
levels are fulfilled in the process."

Focus on skills

Students develop skills like problem- solving, creativity, critical thinking, analytical thinking, collaboration, communication, empathy, etc. along with the understanding of subject content.The learning process will help both the teachers and students develop an important skill of being a lifelong learner. This will also help the school become an enriched, fertile and nourishing environment for a seed to turn into a healthy sapling.