About Us

Our vision is to create a framework that shall provide an ecosystem for children to explore their natural potential and nurture it for a meaningful life.

Pankaj Jain
He worked on the forces governing protein folding for his PhD from IISc and did a Post - Doc in Neuroscience of stress at InStem, Bangalore. He has been volunteering in govt. schools for 7 years and is "Mentor for Change" for ATLs
Tarun Choubisa
He developed WSN for intrusion classification using machine learning for his PhD from IISc. Mission10X Dale Carnegie certification for High Impact Teaching Skills and 'Mentor for Change' for ATLs.
Sridhar P
He completed his MTech from IISc and entered corporate world, just to leave it later and have been working in the field of school education for last 5 years. En route, he also mentored govt. schools students for international competitions.

Our Solutions


Learn2Learn In-school Program

Creating an enriched, joyful and experiential learning environment where a student becomes knowledge generator instead of knowledge consumer.


H-Cube Learning Center

Hearts-on, Heads-on and Hands-on learning through advanced projects in STEM.


Learning Models

Innovative models to aid in the learning process, including some of those used in original discoveries.